NCSS 2017 Social Studies Education Conference

NCSS 2017 social studies education conferenceWe’ll be at the NCSS 2017 Social Studies Education Conference again this year, and we’re so excited! Will we see you there?

In addition to classes and networking events, NCSS will have vendor booths representing companies like Studies Weekly! You may have seen our products being used in a friend’s classroom, or perhaps you saw our video assembly for Veterans Day! Either way, come and catch up, have some candy, win some prizes!

The 97th NCSS Annual Conference will be held on November 17-19, 2017, with pre-conference meetings November 15-16. Studies Weekly staff will be on hand with prizes, swag bags, and information about our wide range of products for your classroom.

Benefits of Education Conference Attendance

Do you remain unconvinced that attending a social studies education conference is right for you? Perhaps your principal needs some convincing before you can go? Here are some key points to discuss with him or her that might get them off the fence.

  • Network with likeminded educators. One of the best reasons to attend a social studies conference is the networking. For 3 days, you’ll rub shoulders with educators from all over the world. Take the time to learn something new from everyone you meet.
  • Gain positive takeaways for your own school. Perhaps you go and don’t learn anything new and earth shattering. Or you go and you don’t win one of the tablets that we’ll be giving away (we’re rooting for you though). The experience will still have been valuable, maybe only if you learned better what not to do, or you walked away with one of our sample publications!
  • Think outside the box. Education conferences offer the unique opportunity to attend classes and think outside the box. If you’ve been teaching for several years, you might feel some of your lesson plans are getting stale. An education conference can help freshen your ideas. You also will have access to education materials such as Studies Weekly publications to add a different dimension to your current lesson plans.
  • Give yourself a break! A teacher’s life is stressful! As much as you love those little minions you call your students, it’s good to have a break every once in a while. The NCSS 2017 conference is a good way to learn something new while relaxing and having fun with other teachers. Give yourself a break – we know you deserve it!

History of NCSS

Founded in 1921, the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) is currently the largest professional association for social studies education in the U.S. In fact, NCSS is the largest social studies professional development conference in the world!

The aim of NCSS is to promote social studies education throughout the world. With educators in each of the 50 states and nearly 70 foreign countries, educators from around the world gather every year to attend the NCSS conference. Attend to connect with like-minded educators and peek at the vendor booths that will be there, including us at Studies Weekly!

How to Join

If you are interested in joining NCSS, visit their website to see some of the many membership benefits. Any individual or organization interested in social studies can join NCSS, not just educators. Members will receive a subscription to the NCSS acclaimed journals, Social EducationMiddle Level Learning, and Social Studies and the Young Learner. In addition, members will have access to a searchable database of previous issues.

Studies Weekly at NCSS

NCSS social studies education conference 2016At Studies Weekly, we value professional development and opportunities to network with outstanding social studies educators. This is why we attend several other social studies-related conferences every year. Another one we have attended for several years is ASCD Empower18, which will be held in Boston next March.

Studies Weekly has attended the NCSS social studies education conference for the past several years. We’re excited to meet and reconnect with more of you this year! Stop by our booth for some swag and to see how we can help teach social studies in your classes!

Veterans Day Video: An Exclusive Virtual Assembly

veterans day videoTeaching students about Veterans Day is no easy task. Even some of the most seasoned teachers struggle with teaching kids heavy topics such as war. Our goal at Studies Weekly is to make teaching these key topics a positive experience for educators and students. This is why we have partnered with Canines with a Cause to create an exclusive Veterans Day video assembly. This event will highlight the importance of Veterans Day in a format that appeals to all audiences.

Veterans Day Video Exclusive

Veterans Day can be a difficult topic to teach elementary-age students. For 30 years, Studies Weekly has been providing classrooms nationwide with free lesson plans, interactive online learning experiences, and helpful videos.

In addition to these tools, we have created a virtual Veterans Day video assembly to honor our nation’s veterans. On November 10, 2017, this exclusive virtual video assembly put together by award-winning director Loki Mulholland will be available for you at our Veterans Day website.

Working and training service dogs has proven to be very beneficial to veterans. The bond created by the training process can lessen stress and help veterans deal with the invisible scars of war. Dogs provide confidence, love and comfort to transform lives.

— Canines with a Cause

About Our Partner

Canines with a Cause LOGOWe have partnered with Canines with a Cause to put together this video for your students. Among other things, this virtual assembly will address several questions including What do dogs have to do with veterans?

Canines with a Cause answers this question and others every day. They provide veterans and rescued dogs opportunities to work together and support each other. See their website for more information on their fostering, emotional support, and training programs.

Many Veterans won’t talk or share their experiences… They fear the judgement, rejection, and even the lack of empathy to what they are going through. But a dog…is better than any medication that can be prescribed.

Dustin Gladwell, Charlie Mike


Visit Studies Weekly Online for additional information on this Veterans Day video assembly. Here you will find free Veterans Day lesson plans and can view the exclusive trailer and a countdown for the virtual assembly. Come see us later in November at NCSS 2017.