Our Award-Winning Classroom Resources

Most Promising New Textbook Award Winner - Studies Weekly brings award-winning classroom resources to your classes!For over 30 years, Studies Weekly has been working hard to create and produce valuable classroom products for teachers like you to use in your classrooms. We are now beyond excited to announce that we will now be bringing you award-winning classroom resources.

Most Promising New Textbook Award

Mississippi Studies Weekly has been awarded a 2018 Most Promising New Textbook Award by the Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA). We are thrilled to add “award-winning” to our curriculum vitae so to speak.

The winners were announced on Thursday, February 22, 2018 on the TAA Blog, Abstract, and on TAA’s social media pages. You can also download a copy of TAA’s press release on the awards.

Ceremony and Reception

The TAA Awards Ceremony and Reception will be held in June in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’ll be getting our black tie attire ready for the event. Thank you, TAA, for this amazing honor and opportunity. We are especially grateful to teachers and students in Mississippi and nationwide for their hard work. You are largely what has made Studies Weekly a huge success. We could never have done it without your support.

Mississippi Studies Weekly is an innovative, age-appropriate publication that brings history and social science to life for its audience in a way traditional textbooks may not be able to do. It is a very well-designed, visually appealing and interesting weekly learning tool for 4th graders in the Magnolia State.

Official Adoptions

Towards the end of 2017, Studies Weekly was officially adopted in Florida and California, which is where award-winning teacher Cathy Marston uses and loves Studies Weekly. We are now in one-third of classrooms nationwide, and this recent award is icing on the cake.

Find Out More

To find out more about Studies Weekly and our newly award-winning classroom resources, visit our online shop. We have resources and curriculum specific to your state that aligns with state standards. Not ready to buy yet? Order a 30-day free trial and see why our publications are in one-third of elementary school classrooms in the United States!

This is what award-winning classroom resources look like!

Teacher Professional Development Made Easier

We have mentioned some notable changes to our online tools over the last couple of weeks. We wanted to make online student reporting easier, have functions that made testing students simpler, and revamped our teacher professional development site for better usability. The following elements on our site were updated and went live February 1st:

  • Autosave Function on Assessments (reviewed here)
  • Student Gradebook and More Comprehensive Reports (reviewed here)
  • Teacher Professional Development Usability Updates

If you have logged in to your teacher account on Studies Weekly lately, you might have noticed some small changes to our Professional Development page. Hopefully with these changes, it will be much easier for you to complete your professional development hours.

Here is a brief summary of the changes.

Teacher Professional Development Link Moved

The teacher Professional Development Training link is now front and center for your convenience. You can’t miss it! Start logging those hours! 🙂

The Professional Development Training link has moved to the top for easier accessibility.
The Professional Development Training link has moved to the top for easier accessibility.

Download or View Modules

You’ll notice a few changes to the modules on the PD Training page. First, if you click on the module itself, it will launch right in your browser. Alternatively, we have provided a download link in the bottom right corner of each module to download and view later.

The Teacher Professional Development on Demand page has gotten a whole new look.
The Professional Development on Demand page has gotten a whole new look.

Filter by Type

Filter your results under “Show only these types” at the top of the site. Clicking on one of these options will eliminate that option from your filter. Click on the other two options to narrow down your filter to the one you want.


You can perform a search using the search box on the upper lefthand side. Note that the search box in the upper right will search the entire Studies Weekly site. The one on the left will search Professional Development files only.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your account, contact us on our site or reach out on social media (Facebook or Instagram). We’re always here to help.

Improved Student Gradebook and Online Student Reporting

As we mentioned last week, we have made some notable changes to how our online tools function. We made online student reporting easier, added functions that made testing students simpler, and redesigned our professional development site for better usability. As of February 1, 2018, the following elements on our site were updated:

  • Autosave Function on Assessments (click link for our recent blog on this)
  • Student Gradebook and More Comprehensive Reports
  • Professional Development Usability Updates

As a teacher, you know how important accurate reporting is. You also know how important it is for your students’ parents to be able to see how their kids are doing. With our new and improved student gradebook and reporting tools, you can do the following:

  • See a clearer picture of student progress.
  • Measure the engagement of your students with our online tools.
  • Share your students’ progress with their parents.
  • See student engagement with online tools skyrocket!

Clearer Picture of Student Progress

When you select your class on the right hand side of your screen, you will see your list of students like usual. Just click on the Reports link in the top right corner to access the reports for your class:

Alternatively, you can access all of your reports for all of your classes by clicking on the Reports tab at the top of any page once you have logged into your Studies Weekly online teacher account:

For your reports, you have two tabs at the top: 1) SLI (Student Learning Index) Report; and 2) Utilization Report. You have the option to export student report data to Excel in CSV format or view in browser by selecting Search. Either view of the report will give you a clear picture of what your students are working on and how they’re progressing.

Measure Your Students’ Engagement

With the new online student reporting tools we have available,  you can see all of the students’ activities in each of your classes on one screen . This tool will give you a snapshot of which of your students are participating heavily and which ones might need a little more encouragement.

With this tool, teachers also have the ability to view from their own computer screens which test questions their students might be struggling with, and which answers they might have just skipped over.

Share Student Progress with Parents

One of the great joys of teaching is meeting parents. With the new online student reporting tools, you can export student data to Excel and share with parents individually. For a student who is struggling, seeing a snapshot of student engagement may be just what their parents need.

Online Student Reporting for More Engagement

These updates were rolled out and improved on over years of dedicated teaching experience. Many of our staff are former educators who have put a lot of thought and significant input into these tools. We do this to make sure they are useful teacher tools and valuable parent tools as well.

As students engage with our online tool, their engagement and interest in learning will increase. Our hope is that the online gradebook and online student reporting features will make teaching easier. We hope to see you online soon!