Studies Weekly: Always Growing and Improving

Studies Weekly is continually improving and growing.

As a company, we are dedicated to updating and improving our products to better serve teachers and students.

For example, we were extremely excited to roll out our Google Integration recently, as we know how time-saving that is for teachers. We also added 7th and 8th grade to our Social Studies program, and completely updated our K-5 Science publications.

But that’s not all. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

New State Publications

Our Tennessee K-5 Social Studies publications successfully launched last year, and we were honored to be the only K-2 textbook adopted by the Tennessee State Board of Education.

Our editorial and production teams also worked tirelessly to create completely new and updated K-5 Social Studies publications for Georgia and Ohio. They also completely updated the Louisiana 3rd Grade Social Studies publication. Those all are available for advance purchase online and through local sales teams, for use in the 2019-2020 school year.

More Teacher Supplements

Your teacher resources now include 35 pages of graphic organizers and activities for students. Those additional tools are accessible through your online account, and they will be included in the printed Teacher Resource starting this fall.

Rate and Review System

Teachers can now rate and review all online articles, article questions, bonus media questions and assessment questions.

In the right-hand corner on articles and assessments, you can see the 5-star rating system. Simply click on the star of your choice.

Studies Weekly online

Social Studies online


Studies Weekly online

If you rate an article or question below 4 stars, a comment box pops up and you can give us feedback on how we need to improve that item.


Studies Weekly onlineAs a company, this helps our product development team see where we are succeeding, and where we need to improve and update our curriculum.

Don’t worry, only teachers can rate content. This feature is not available for students.

Audio Reader

Your students can now choose the reading speed for the audio reader option on online articles. Students who are in the early language acquisition phase can slow down the reader speed so they can follow along easier. Students can also speed up the reader to a pace that works for them.

Studies Weekly online audio

Product Updates from Teacher Feedback

In November, we organized a focus group, and gained valuable insight from those who use our product every day. Group members shared a number of suggestions where we can improve. Since then, we have implemented those, and are working to finalize other changes.

Here’s just a few of those suggestions we heard, and our resulting actions:

More K-2 videos. We’ve increased our K-2 video productions, and will continue to do so this year.

Different content than crosswords. As we update each state’s content, we’re swapping out a large number of our crosswords with additional activities and content in our publications.

More rigor and relevance in publications. As we update state content, we are building in more rigor and relevance.

More online professional development. We have created an online professional development program, and will continue to add to it. District leaders can also now purchase additional PD training from Studies Weekly.

More Tech Support hours. We now provide full day Tech Support coverage for all United States time zones except for Hawaii and Alaska.

More Changes to Come

These are only a few of the most recent improvements we’ve made to better serve you. We enjoy hearing from you as well. If you have other suggestions and ideas, feel free to contact us through our Facebook page, or text us at:  (385) 399-1786.

Studies Weekly Integrates with Google Classroom

You asked, we listened.

The Studies Weekly online platform is now integrated with Google Classroom!

Now, with just a few clicks, you can assign articles, images or videos to the entire classroom. The Google Classroom integration works with our entire platform, making your job smoother.

David Bagley, Studies Weekly vice president of sales, explained that many teachers across the nation use Google Classroom, and have been asking for this integration for some time. He’s very excited Studies Weekly can offer this to teachers.

“The best part of this integration is that it allows teachers the flexibility of reaching so many students instantly and to track progress, go paperless in the classroom, and communicate with both parents and students. And it works with any device,” Bagley said.

You will now see the Google Classroom icon on the Studies Weekly platform, and it works individually with every digital source. Teachers can assign a single video, image, article or assessment to students’ classroom. For extension activities, teachers can customize assignments and pull in other media from the platform as well.

Getting Started

To connect your Studies Weekly account to your Google Classroom, your students’ Studies Weekly usernames must be their Google Classroom email.

For those that want to use the integration now, you will need to log in to your account and manually change your students’ usernames to their Google Classroom email.

1. Select your classroom in the Studies Weekly platform

Studies Weekly Google Classroom

2. Navigate to edit each student

Studies Weekly Google Classroom

3. Edit the student’s usernameStudies Weekly Google Classroom

At the beginning of each school year, your auto-rostering program can link both platforms, but make sure to check this username requirement for all students.

How to use the Integration

1. From an article, navigate to the Google Classroom Icon in the corner.

Studies Weekly Google Classroom
2. Click on it, and select the Classroom you are sharing it to, and the action from the Classroom options. Click “Go.”

Studies Weekly Google Classroom

3. Add your own notes, points, due date, etc. Click “Assign.”

Studies Weekly Google Classroom

4. The assignment shows up in your students’ Classroom stream.

Studies Weekly Google Classroom

Assigning Specific Sources

You can also assign specific audio, images or videos from an article, or search for them and assign them individually. To do so, simply look for the Google Classroom icon on each source.

Studies Weekly Google Classroom


      ImagesStudies Weekly Google Classroom




AudioStudies Weekly Google Classroom





Of course, all Assessments, Crosswords and Mispilled are integrated as well.

Studies Weekly Google Classroom

Studies Weekly Google Classroom









Sign on to your account at Studies Weekly online, and let this new integration save you time and sanity!

Studies Weekly’s new 7th/8th Grade Social Studies and K-5 Science Publications

We know you’re still in the thick of it — developing social studies projects, tackling science fairs, holding parent/teacher conferences, prepping your students for end-of-the-year testing, etc.

At Studies Weekly, we’ve got your back.

Our product development team has been working hard to add two new options to our product offerings.

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies

For you amazing, tireless middle school teachers swinging along with the moody hormonal angst of teenagers, we now have Social Studies 7th and 8th grade publications!

7th and 8th Grade Social StudiesThrough year-long immersive learning, your students will question, discuss and truly experience history. As they connect with historic figures and events, they’ll be better prepared — not only for end-of-the-year assessments — but to take on their future civic duties as well.

You can expect the same engaging weekly newspapers you already know and love, based on rigorous higher-level standards. They are still hands-on and fully consumable, so your students can highlight, take notes right on the publication, and cut them up to incorporate them into projects.

Similar to our K-6 publications, your 7th and 8th grade students also have access to a beautiful online platform with thousands of primary source images and videos, a real-person audio reader, highlighting capabilities, extension activities and customizable assessments.

With these new publications, you will spend less time prepping for instruction, and more time engaging students with ready-to-use lesson plans that incorporate essential learning strategies and important writing and reviewing activities.

To explore samples of our 7th and 8th grade curriculum, visit:

New K-5 Science

For you elementary teachers juggling all subjects each week, we created a completely new K-5 Science curriculum based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Our new science curriculum utilizes the 5Es and your students will Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate all aspects of science.

2019 ScienceEach unit centers on a guiding question that incorporates student-centered learning activities, experiments and demonstrations. These challenge your students to test predictions, find solutions, draw conclusions and demonstrate their knowledge and skills. As they explore deeper, they will discover answers to the “whys” and wonders of science.

As their teacher, you will spend less time prepping for instruction, and more time engaging students with ready-to-use lesson plans that include tool and supply lists broken down by individuals or groups. These same plans include differentiated learning strategies and full integration of many math and English Language Arts standards.

To explore samples of our K-5 Science curriculum, visit:

So, whether you are a newbie heading into your first year of teaching, or a seasoned veteran extending your reach, our new Social Studies and Science publications can help you engage the imaginations of all your students.

To purchase Social Studies 7th or 8th grade materials or your grade level’s Science materials, head over to the Studies Weekly store.