Newly Formed Diversity Board

We have implemented a new Diversity Board to our product development team. We organized the board to integrate and maintain cultural competence within our curriculum materials.

The Board Members

Studies Weekly is one of only a handful of educational companies to incorporate a Diversity Board onto its team. “Our diversity board helps us to ensure that our new content is culturally inclusive, sensitive and reflects our readership,” said Chief Product Officer, Kim Mogilevsky.

The Diversity Board is made up of educators and advocates who have served in various capacities working with nonprofit organizations, school district diversity and equity departments and the White House. Each member brings a wide variety of expertise and experience in multicultural education and plays a crucial role in providing social and cultural awareness.

Our Purpose & Goals

America’s students are at the heart of why we have a Diversity Board. “Our new curriculum is focused on increasing students’ on-task behavior and their willingness to engage with relevant-to-them content, which we believe will boost reading levels and test scores,” said Mogilevsky. “We love our students and in an ever-diversifying country we need to provide them with the best educational materials they can possibly receive.”

A recent report by the Century Foundation confirms our thinking. Having multiple vantage points helps students think critically and “develop greater tolerance for different ways of understanding issues.” Furthermore, the study found that such an exposure created “positive academic outcomes.”

The board aims to maintain diversity and equity in terms of race, people with disabilities, age groups, sexual and gender identities, family structures, religious and political views and socio-economic status. We believe in constantly improving and reviewing our publications so that the content reflects the varied lives and perspectives of the students who read them.

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