Increase Parent Involvement with Our Parent Accounts

increase parent involvement with parent accounts at studies weekly

increase parent involvement with parent accounts at studies weekly First off, it was so great to see so many of you at NCSS 2017 this year! We also got to engage with a lot of you during our virtual Veterans Day Assembly event. It is always a great pleasure for us to talk to you and find out more about what you’re looking for in your classrooms. These conversations help us build and develop useful tools like the Parent Accounts we’re going over in today’s blog. This tool will increase parent involvement when used properly.

As a teacher, you know that parent involvement is one of the key indicators in the value of your students’ education. You also know firsthand that your students’ parents can either be your greatest allies or the most difficult hurdles in your teaching.

After several years of experience with our online tool, and after feedback from some of our favorite educators, we added the awesome Parent Accounts feature. The ability to create Parent Accounts is one of the greatest tools that we have available to you and your students’ parents. This tool allows parents to closely monitor how their kids are doing and how they’re using Studies Weekly online resources.

Here are 6 things you should know about Parent Accounts. These factors will help you increase parent involvement in your classroom, and give everyone a better education experience.

1. We Created It for Teachers Like You!

Colby Cook, User Experience Designer at Studies Weekly, implemented the Parent Accounts feature towards the end of August 2017. We had received some feedback from teachers who wanted to increase their level of engagement with their students’ parents. The result was a dynamic Parents Account portal.

2. You Might Already Have It!

Parent Accounts are available to all of our customers as part of your existing Studies Weekly subscriptions. Many educators are unaware that the online component is built in as part of their print subscription. If you are a subscriber to our print publications, you already have access to these tools, and you might as well use them!

3. You Can Talk to Parents with It

One of the trickiest parts of teaching is trying to ensure that information conveyed to students makes it home. With Parent Accounts, you add parents to your students’ accounts and communicate with the entire class or with specific parents. You can send weekly reminders to your students’ parents about tests coming up, reading assignments, and more.

4. Parents Can See What Kids Are Doing

Parent Accounts give parents the option to see what their students are doing within the Studies Weekly tool. With the Parents Account portal, parents can track their child’s account to see how they did on assessments, rewards accumulation, and view notes and highlights in their reading.

5. It Keeps Student Information Safe

We live in a digital age and sensitive information is shot across the internet every second. Therefore, the privacy and security of our data and certainly our children’s data is paramount. Rest assured that with the Parents Accounts, your students’ information is private. No one has access to your child’s information but you and their parents.

As the teacher, you send invitations to parents’ verified email addresses to register for a Parent Account. Parents will enter a unique code for their child. The two-step verification ensures that no student data is transferred outside the teacher-parent relationship.

6. It Increases Parent Involvement

The best way to increase parent involvement is to get students and their parents talking about school and online activities. Encourage parents and students to use and talk about the online Parent Accounts. We designed this tool to promote dialogue, increase parent involvement, and provide a more robust student experience.

If your school is already using Studies Weekly printed publications, setting up Parent Accounts for your classroom is free and easy. Give us a call or schedule a complimentary webinar for step-by-step instructions for adding parents to your student accounts.

If you are a parent of a child who uses Studies Weekly at school, talk to your child’s teacher about logging into your new Parent Account today!